Sunday, September 26, 2010

This morning

The boys were excited and nervous for their Primary Program today. Lilia was sick and so we decided to leave her at home. Nifae is always so sweet and tender to her.
O dog was eating a breakfast of champions and held onto his grandpa's watch for good luck.

Oh, how nice to finallyh relax!

They did such a good job and I love all the time and effort put out by their teachers and leaders.
They were so happy to be home and kick off their shoes.
Lilia was most happy. She got sick last night and was up all night with a cough and fever. I feel so bad because either Tommy or I had to stay home. I was getting sustained...with the BEST calling ever... so Tommy had to stay home with Lills and missed the boys and the program. It was sad to leave them at home but she was too sick to go.
She said she wanted to go to church, too so that made it extra sad. She got some good rest and slept for a good part of the day.
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My latest project:

Spooktacular Halloween branches.
Thanks for modeling Joe, O and Lills!
I've wanting to do this since I saw Tonya's branches last New Years. The craft blogs are all busting with different versions of this.
( was a great source!)

I woke up yesterday morning and found these bed crashers laying RIGHT next to me.

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'Iloa's Bike Shop

Thanks to their awesome Papa~ all 4 tires are back and ready for action. The boys have been on their bikes nonstop. Thanks, Tommy!

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Out of our 7 holly hock plants this is the only one that has been blooming with flowers. Anyone know what is up with the other 6?
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O dog is learning more and more everyday

he went on the road for the first time this month. So proud of you O!
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hockey with daddy

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what are they so interested in?

a hockey card, what else??

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Hockey players need a rest sometimes... and a Popsicles, too.
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Super Heros unite

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Bounce housing with Collin

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one of my most hated jobs....

Trying to tackle the toy situation in our house.
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It's official, I have turned into my mom.

I'll explain....

I remember my mom pounding on the floor at night to let us chatty giggling girls know it was time to go to bed. When that didn't settle us down she would let out a, "BE QUIET!" and that would scare us to death...but soon we would forget how scared we were and start it all up again. Then she would come down and give us a good spank.
One night after all that we still wouldn't settle down so she got us all out of bed and had us do chores. I remember crying as I was standing over the downstairs toilet with a scrub brush thinking... why didn't I just go to bed??????????

So last week, I did all of this short of pounding on the floor....because we don't have a downstairs. So I added an extra few yells of, "BE QUIET" in place of the pounds.

So after i did everything I pulled them out of bed to and had them start to clean. They loved it. Yes, I said LOVED IT. I was miffed but also pretty happy because all of my nightly jobs were getting done. They tidy their room, wiped down walls, organized shoes, took out the trash, vacummed and on and on. Even Lilia clean the toys in her Harry Potter room (She sleeps in our closet:).
It was getting late and the boys had school in the morning. I put an end to the child labor and sent them to bed, AGAIN.

Nothing had worked. I was so mad, I had been looking forward to my Mom time all day and finally I couldn't standing it.
I ripped Nifae out of the bed (since he really needed to go to bed for school ). I put him on the couch in the front room and put Lilia on my bed, which left O in the room alone. I stood in the hall and told them if they didn't close their mouths and go to bed that I would make Nifae sleep outside and let the coyotes come and eat him.
Wow~ that's pretty messed up. My mom would have never said something like that.

Anyway, it was quiet for a really long time. When I went to check on them this is what I saw.

After seeing them the guilt set in and I couldn't figure out how I could be so mean. Oh, motherhood. It's not for the weak.
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Tommy and Joey off roading from Cane Beds to Mt Carmel and back. 8hrs

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Mt Carmel

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