Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I got the tree up a little early this year. It's a funny story. I usually don't put it up till AFTER Thanksgiving but....
I gave into peer pressure!
My sister an law has been decking the halls all month long. Then I started to notice that all of my friends that are from Hawaii already had their trees up....
So I started to think that my Hawaii born husband might want his tree up, also. I thought I would surprise him when he got into town with the tedious task done. I carried the big old box up from storage, put it together, put on all the stupid lights on it (which included 2 trips to Targets for more lights), then I started to decorate it.
I found that I had bought the freaking cutest stuff last year during the After Christmas sales. Surprise... that was awesome!
I got it all decorated and had all the kids sworn to secrecy. Since we talk to Tommy like 80 times a day, it was pretty hard to make sure they zipped it, locked it and put the info in their pockets until he got home.
Well, he called Thursday and told me that he was getting home early and would be able to pick up Nifae from school (this has happened 2 times in a year and a half). AWESOME & THANK YOU!

When he walked in the door he kissed me hello and went about his business. Hello... notice anything different???????????

He informed me that Nifae had gotten in the car and said, "We have our Christmas Tree up!" I told the boys they couldn't say anything till he got home and technically... he was home. Grrrrrr!

I think when Tommy saw the tree he was less excited about my choice of colors (these pictures are from my phone so they stink) Pink, White and Silver. And white feathers to boot.

Here birdie, birdie!

Oh well, I have been enjoying it and the kids love it too~! I am really excited for Thanksgiving to be over with so Christmas can take over!!!!

This is a really boring/lameish story. Sorry!