Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is why I save all the scrap paper I can get my hands on and buy up pens when they clearance for 15 cents a pack. I love these studious little kids.

Hush little baby

So we have officially entered into the baby doll stage of having a daughter. I think this picture is so sweet.

This is how you know you have been cruising the isles of Taget for TOO long:

Little Stinker!

This is why she must ALWAYS have pants on when she sleep:(


I love to put this shirt on Lills then slap a big old flower on her head.
Does a Tomboy mean you can't be girly and sporty at the same time? Cause the girl can hang with the boys just fine. Today she was walking around the house with a toy gun saying "pishuuu, pishuuuuu".

Wiggle Bikes

Hmmmm... looks like they are enjoying themselves, Huh?
That was an understatement!

We went to the Dicken's Festival and the kids had a ball riding this dang things. I was pretty sure Santa was bringing them all 'real' bikes this year so I was bummed cause I really wanted to get one of these.
Imagine our shock when Christmas came and Uncle Joe had bought one for them!! SPOILED SPOILED SPOILED!!!!!!

RA Appreciation

Our Housing Association staff got together to buy some fun things for the Resident Assistants and the other Student Staffers for Resident Life. I got the job of putting all the stuff together and craft barfing on them. That's my favorite assignment of all!

Jasi's in the Geezy

Brian and Wendy came down for some of Wendy's daugher (Kacie 'Bubba') soccer games. The kids loved to see the soccer action and it was even more fun to hang out with my brother and Wendy!I had fun making signs and hair bows for Kacie's team. We don't get much action down here when it comes to nieces and nephews sports or events so it was fun to jump on it when she came. (Tommy's nephew Joey played football this last year but he made me promise that I would never bring a sign. I respected his wishes but it was hard. Also, Lexi was down her a few times for debate but there is never really a point where you get to go and watch but if their was I would be there with a sing for her, too!!!!)
This girl Gina is pretty crazy on the field.... hence~ the sign.
The totally crazy thing about this was that Kasie's team played Dharienne Tapasoa's team. She is one of my favorite girls ever so I was stuck not cheering for either team.

brush brush brush

One of Lills favorite things to do is to brush her teeth.

Giddy Up-Dress Up

This little girl cracks me up. She loves to get all done up. She like getting her hair done and wearing pretty dresses. This particular day she had brought me this dress to put on her. Then came the boots. Tommy got home from work and she was so stinking cute~ she lifted up the side of her skirt a little as if to show him her dress. She wouldn't stop making this scrunchy face.

Happy Birthday Uncle Nifae

Fall 2009

These pictures totally make me trip out that I am old enough to have kids. Some of my earliest memories are of playing outside in the crisp Fall weather.
This particular day Tommy taught me how to play Hand Ball. Eh.... I am as good at it as I am at every other sport~ I stink. But we had fun still the same.