Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hurricane beats Snow Canyon 42 to 7

Moki Gali plays for Snow Canyon. He is the one with his hand on the football in the picture above. I know... I really need to learn the different positions.
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Snow Canyon means that we get to see the Galis! We never get to see these guys so it was great to hang out with them.
Thank goodness Kari came with her Ipad. The kids watched Hercules an d enjoyed watching a movie instead of the game!
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rough day?


Yep~ that's a Peanut butter and Cheese sandwich. He can't get enough of them.


ODogg, I love you because you know what you want and your not afraid to get it.


Not as in the Potty Trained Undiewear-er but as in the My-Mom-Is-Doing-Laundry-And-My-Brother's-Undies-Are-Cool type.