Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

So we survived 2010. Even though we didn't get to celebrate the new year in California with my sisters family, like we had planned, we welcomed in the new year with lots of hopes for 2011.
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Goodbye December!

Ba bye, you go now!
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Our mountains HAVE SNOW on them!!!!

Molly's Nipple

Steamboat Mountain

Pine Valley
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Movie night... EVERYNIGHT

Durning Winter Break we had a movie night most everynight. They stayed up late and slept in. It was heaven!
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The kids spent the rest of the winter break enjoying the stuff they got for Christmas.

We did LOTS and LOTS of projects to keep their minds occupied.

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Pillow Pets were a hit!

This was probably their favorite gift this year.
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Hula girl

Lills got this cute get up from her Grandma in Hawaii.

She LOVES it!

She got a kick out of wearing a bra..
and the skirt made the funniest swishing sound. You knew just where she was in the house :)
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Keeping warm

It was getting pretty cold here in Southern Utah. The winds were whipping and head gear was a must for a few days there.
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Odogg and his sidekick

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Katie flew in

Tommy's cousin came in on Christmas morning and stayed for a few days. We hung out watched movies and enjoyed the holiday.
She took the kids to McDonald's while I started the snowmen for Nifae's bulletin board.
She was a big help!
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