Friday, January 29, 2010

Dream a little dream....

I love this spot in the bushes!
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New Mom

Nifae and I in the begining.
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Randomness of December Convos

December was a fun month for random conversations from the boys:

The kids were cuddle up and I was saying what every mom does when your all cuddle up with your kids.:
"I love Bumbum (Nifae), I love OCBear, I love Lillsy Bills and I love your Papa!"
Owen: Don'tcha love your own self?!"

Nifae told me one December morning that, "Daddy's Dad (who has passed away) knows if there is a real Santa or a fake Santa."

I asked him how he knows. Nifae replyed, "Probably Jesus told him."

Owen : "When I see Jesus Christ I am going to give him a big, big, big, big high five. Him is going to go like this (then he shakes his hand like you do when someone slaps you hand really hard). Him is going to love it cause him has big hands."