Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Leave your message after the beep.

Nifae asked to call his Aunty Dre while we were driving home tonight.

"Aunty Dre, our family's having a bad day. I am am starving, Owen is tired, baby is crying and mommy is yelling."

He hands the phone to Owen who breaks it down basically the same way, with the same sad voice.

Oh, I wonder what she must think when she checks her messages.

Will she know that Nifae is starving because he CHOSE not to eat his dinner that Aunty Maile made him (Creamy mushroom pork chops, rice and corn. It was SO YUM!) .
Will she know that Owen only SAID he is tired because I told him to grab all the trash from the floor and he didn't want to .
Will she know the Lilia is crying because Owen (whom seems to finds enough energy) is pulling out her hair clips.
Will Aunty Dre know that I was in fact yelling. Do I need to explain why????

I hope she reads this post shortly after checking her messages that her two sulky nephews left her. It's true, "our family is having a bad day".