Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Birthday

Tommy surprised me and took me to Zions for my birthday this year. Yeah for turning 32!

We stayed at The Cable Mountain Lodge right at the base of Zions and it was beyond beautiful.

Happy bday to me and thank you to my sweet husband. Love you so much!

June 11, 2011
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More pics from my birthday

The Cable Mountain Lodge

Never been this close to a deer.... and it freaked me out a little!

Zion's National Park

Bday dinner at The Spotted Dog
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We all wish this boy would play more offen!!!!!!

There was no drug or alcohol consumption before, during or after the filming of these videos:Just

For a straight month, Kristy, Tommy and I were consumed with the Photo Distortion function on our phones. We tried to make THE UGLIEST face EVER.

Mission Accomplished!

Oh Tara, we love you!

You crack me up!

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So apperently I was born to live in Hurricane Utah. LOL

Me at Lilia's age.

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What the hair is going on???

I found these school pics of me and I was dying laughing. Really?!? Nice hair!
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Our neighbor, Brooke, gave us this bookshelf. We were so excited since we have been wanting one for a year now. Add that to the long list of things we want to buy... but don't.
I filled it up in 2 sec. flat with all this stuff I pulled out of our closets. Looks like there is plenty we want to buy... and then do. LOL

Upon further inspection, most of this stuff was given to us, also. A big thanks to, Brooke, Tonya, Mom, Carrie, Bri & Tim, Aunty Susie & Uncle Jim, Grandma Roberta, Aunty Maile (mine Aunty not my psycho SIL) and Amanda. Thanks you guys for making our house per-dee!
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my 3 Stooges



Querkae with Grandma

Tommy's mom was here for 5 weeks this summer. Nifae played Quirkle with her for the first time and won. What a smarty!


Hurricane Tigers Football camp began June 2011

Adam, Sino, Robert, Shaun and Joey.

These boys can put away some food!
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Summer is here!

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Me at Lilia age

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This Crazy Crew!

Spring 2011
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Touquerville Park.

Is one of favorite places to go.
Spring brings many things including a gazillion of these catapillars.

Lilia just saw this above pic and said, "EWWWW! Jah Jah, that is so de-gusting!"

Look how cute these 2 are, though.

Spring 2011
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I came around the corner and saw this cop car in our driveway and my heart dropped for a second. What is going on?????

Usually Uncle Bula doesn't drive to our house since he lives righ around the corner. LOL
This picture makes me giggle to myself.
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Our neighbors mini horse had a baby. So that would make it a mini mini horse, right?

Love these awesome dad!

But I love all these awesome moms more!

My 2 Tommy's

Here is that sweet little baby mini horse.

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