Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"We're not going to have a baby!" :(

Today O, Lills and I went to a park with 2 playgrounds, one on each side of a big grassy field. We played at the first play area for a long while then ran across to the other to play on that one.
After a 15 min or so Owen stubbed his toe really bad and started gushing blood. He was crying hysterically (Which if you live with in a 15 mile radius from us, you know this is the only cry he has). I told Lilia we had to go and was helping Owen across the field to the car so we could get him cleaned up.

Lilia had no interest in leaving. She was on the verge of loosing it over the idea of leaving and I did not need to be dealing with a melting down 4 year old, a melting down 2 year old and a bleeding toe.
We were the only people there so I was not too worried about running to the car and getting the stuff and running back .
Owen on the other hand switched his hysteria from his toe to Lilia.

"IKAWAI, COME! COME NOW!!!!" he yelled to her.
"It's, ok. Let's just get you cleaned up."
"Well, she doesn't want to come. "

Lilia: "nope!" (Does she sounds like a 2 year old or what????"

"It's OK, Owen." I said while trying to avoid gushing blood from dripping all over me and him.


At this moment I just had to smile. He is by far the most protective of this little girl. I have stopped thinking of her as a baby but he obviously has not!

This sounds mean and twisted but I just couldn't help myself.

"We'll just get a new baby." That sounds so much meaner than it did when I said it on the grass. :(

Owen stopped for a second to consider the idea, which I found fascinating.
"But I like that baby. "


I finally yelled to Lilia to "COME, NOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!" Which she did with her 2 year old pouty face.

Back at the car we got O all cleaned up and breathing normal again. Since he has had a few minutes to think this is what he came up with,

"Now that we have this baby again, can we have some more babies, too?"