Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"I do it!"

She's two now and according to her, she can do it!
Do what?

It is making my life harder, more complicated and VERY FRUSTRATING.
This week she refuses to sit in her high chair because the big kids sit at the island. She can't SIT at the island cause she is not big enough to shovel the food in her mouth (or in her cause, in the vicinity of her mouth). So she stands. Our island is much taller than most counters and bars so the fall down would be pretty rough~ just ask Owen... and Nifae.

Don't try and help her get a tiny bite of dinner actually into her mouth cause, SHE DO IT!
A sweet cuddle session is quickly turned into a dangerous game of, "I can put Mommy's glasses on her head". Being poked in the eyeball and nostrils and ears is not my idea of fun.
All the while she is insisting, "I DO IT!"
Here is a more appropriate picture of what is really going on around here lately. Yes, that is a full blown temper tantrum. She is trying to get dressed and can not get the shirt on her head. She is yelling, "I DO IT!" over and over. All the while, all she is doing is thrashing around the floor with her head shoved in the arm of a shirt.

ANYWAY~ I am SOOO over the "I DO IT" stage. I know why it has to happen and I know to just ignore the temper tantrums and I get that it is just a phase... BUT I AM SOOOO OVER IT!!!

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Hey Neighbor!

We have the greatest set of neighbors.
They are the cream of the crop:

HaliEva named after the town Hale'iwai (sp?) and Amanda. Are they not adorable?

and Myles. A cool neighbor that actually plays hockey. Could life get any better for the boys????? Ok, so they also have an adorable dog.
I am so loving living in Hurricane. So many great people here like these guys that make it so much easier to live away from family!

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I have a chubster nephew named Henry...

And I love him!

And I love other people that love him and that send me pictures of him. Thanks Aunty Dre!
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Oh my baby boy.....

Oh.... how is this possible?
Here you are waiting for your first day of all day Kindergarten.
After I snapped this picture, your ride pulled up and you hopped in and drove off to school. I didn't see your face for another 7 hours. CRY CRY CRY!!!!!!!!!!


Nifae got invited to all day Kindergarten. I know I should be so excited for him to get this opportunity but I am dying inside. Tommy thinks I am a nut but I just can not get over it.

When Nifae got home from school he ran through the door and gave me the biggest bear hug. He sat for a half hour and talked all about his day. Everything was "cool" and "awesome". They even had his favorite meal for school lunch. Chicken and rice.
I am so happy for Nifae since he is so ready for this.

This weekend Nifae told Owen that he has "to be the Man of the House since Papa, Joey and I are gone now." To my surprise, Owen took this to heart. He woke up Monday morning and turned into my super duper helper. He cleaned their room, took out the trash, unloaded the dishwasher and played with Lilia outside.

I was so shocked that my little 4 year old was being "the Man of the House"... AND IT WAS GREAT.

Life keeps trucken away in the 'Iloa house. This past week has been filled with so much good. We are so blessed to have our health and our love!
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There are 2 kind of pictures I love...

Sleeping pics & church pics.

OK! basically, all pictures taken on Sunday!
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