Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Laverkin 2011

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The Enos family visits

This was my actual bday but Hemaile's baby shower was earlier in the day and Lena and Nahinu's family was in town so Tommy threw a party for them.
The kids enjoyed spending time with these kids. This picture of Nifae and Faith playing hockey is one of my favorites.

They ordered some fight (yeah, not my favorite thing) and the kids played Xbox while the ladies played Quikel.

We had some awesome nieghbors come over and join in the fun.

This day was actually THE WORST DAY of the whole year. Not because of the Enos' but there was a lot of family crisis/drama going on. I was so happy that Tommy took me to Zions the night before because it was such a wonderful time and we needed it so bad.
The past few years have been filled with so many joys but also so many LAME/crappy/sad/mad/stressful things.
Thank goodness we have a some great support from my family and many of our friends. I love Tommy so much and can't imagine dealing with so many crazy things without him by my side.
This blog has been a spot for me to document all the many blessings that we have had. So many good times. But it just wouldn't be real without mentioning that sometimes crap does happen. It sucks but life goes on. Hopefully I can continue to document the good times and have less hard time down the road.
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