Saturday, January 31, 2015

My first attempt to fire up this old blog again.

I'm one week away from delivering baby 'Iloa #4 so basically I need a place to gush and complain to my hearts desire.
I just scrolled through my old posts. My babies were so little! 💋💋💋💋💋 Some posts made me cringe. I'm embarrassing.  I've also blocked out a lot so that was fun to see highlights of my life and enjoy them now even if I couldn't then.

Anyway, I'll just jump right in with some pics because they make me happy.
Odog and I on Sunday. I'm massive. I didn't gain a pound until 6 months in but I've made quick work of it since. 
My kids make me feel so loved and pretty. They hug and kiss my big belly multiple times a day. They've recently found a fun new game where they spot and trace new stretch marks on my tummy. I spend lots of time looking through their eyes because they are much kinder than my own. 
My dad is in town helping me through these last few weeks of pregnancy while Tommy is in ND. My dad is heaven sent and helpful in every single way. It's so fun to have someone so loving in the house. I'm so grateful he's here. 
This is a pic of grandpa and Nifae making Sunday tacos. Basically, something that makes me crazy happy!! 

Lills cooking stroganoff this week:

Here's a pic of us FaceTiming Tommy in for dinner. I could not have gone 7+ weeks with out FaceTime! We miss our daddy so much but love what he does for us. CAN NOT WAIT to see him, hug him, smell him and all of that in 6 days!!! 6 DAYS