Monday, November 30, 2009

I ran away from home.

Last weekend I got to get away on a little Get-Away.

This was the first time in 4 years that I have left all of my kids over night. I was gone for 3 days and 3 nights. I headed up North for one main reason but jam packed the trip with tonz fun stuff.

My sister, Carrie, had bought out a theater for New Moon opening night. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I had the best seat in the house. I felt a little guilt because I am not a Twi-hard. BUT i really liked the movie. I mean... what's not to love. I was Team Jacob because I am all about the wolves (especially when they run in the rain with their shirts off!).
But I have decided I am now Team Rosalee. I can not stand Bella. LOL.
Anyway, THANK YOU CARRIE for a FUN NIGHT! That was awesome and fun to see a lot of my favorite peeps!

Other highlights of my trip alone:

* Sleeping totally undisturbed and waking up on my own accord. IT WAS FAB!
*Visiting my friend LonVon who has been fighting with nasty brain tumors. I got to paint her nails and that made my day!
*hanging out with my dad and meeting the Tonga's boxing champ
*Going to 7/11 and getting a soda... WITHOUT touching a single carseat, WITHOUT hearing the words "I want", WITHOUT someone asking me if my drink has caffeine in it, WITHOUT cleaning up a single spill. It was weird and cool!
*Art class with my mom
*Celebrating Nicki's birthday. We hung out in Sconecutters parking lot like the good ol days until 1 am. Then the next day I got to see ALL of the Hancocks. I hope my kids will get together like that when they are all adults!
*Hanging out with my sisters without saying, "hold on" or "just a minute" while I tend to my babies. My sisters rock. Love those girls!
*Crafting with Carrie
*Dinner at Training Table
*New Moon with EVERYONE!
*Visiting my bro and having an awesome convo. love that guy!
*Cooking with my dad
*Dinner at my brothers with the whole fam
*SLC Temple with Melinda and Jon
This night was SOOOOOOO COOOL!!!! I got down town about 45 min. early. It was so weird to cruise around without kids. I tried to do all the things I always want to do but can't. I really love my kids and enjoy my calling as a mom. But I really needed this trip. It was nice to reconnect with myself and get re-energized to do my job better.
The session was a very interesting one for me and there was a little funny that happened in the middle of our session. After Melinda gave me a mini tour of inside the SL Temple. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I was most excited to see the room Tommy and I were sealed in. It is kind of out of the way and not normally used. It was SO cool to see it again. It brought back so many memories of the day we were sealed for time and all eternity!!!
It was the very last session and we didn't end up getting out till around 10:20 cause we were too busy wandering around and taking in all the beauty and history of the SL Temple.
These two are so cute!!! I love them!

Here is a pic of Jon snapping a pic of us while we snap a pic of him:)Here is a cool pic of Jon looking like Joseph Smith:We ended up talking in a parking lot until 2 am. It was crazy to be away from my kids . I really enjoyed it but could not wait to see my baby's faces. They were in such good hands.
Tommy is an amazing Papa. here is a pic he sent me the day I was coming home:

They are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel'in the Love

Tim, Bri and Tom came over for a BBQ a few weekends ago.
Lilia had a thing for Tim this night and couldn't get enough hugs.

After Tom made some seriously YUM scones and we all couldn't get enough!
We all played clue in which..... I WON... the first game. But then I got cocky and thought I had the second game in the bag..... which I DID NOT:(.

Anyway, it was so fun. We have some awesome friends!