Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Made 6 goals his first game.

This totally reminds me of you Dre:

He's really good at offense but loves defense.

March 2011

The 160 N crew.


This 4 year old scored 2 points his first game.

He had the time of his life out there.
What a little Stunnah!
How cute is this?

March 2011


Tommy and I were so happy for the boys. They have been so excited about playing soccer.... well, any sport for that matter. I am very proud and impressed with them and so happy they did not inherit my lack of coordination.
March 2011

Little Mama

March 2011


Since our garage is the hub of all things sports I thought I would make a banner for it and spruce it up a bit. Everything has a home but everyone does not make sure their things make it to their home. I made some signage just to cover my own booty... so when anyone else gets called on it I can just point to the sign.
We also found a home for our old washer and dryer. The Pasi girls in St Geezy took them off our hands and their smarty bro even fixed the dryer. We are so happy to pass them onto someone who needed them. We were so happy when Jessie and Ola gave them to us when we moved:)
I got these metal scoreboard thinggies a few years ago. They finally came in handy.
The equipment.
Skates, cleats and shoes
Team 'Iloa Roster

March 2011

Soccer Practice.

Both boys are on the same team. Owen is only 4 but they needed more players. He is as big as the other kids and can keep up so they let him play. They both are out of their mind loving it and I love that they are on the same team.
It's the best part of these boys week!

They told me they like practice better than the games... and they love the games.

How cute are these coaches??

Full on preggers and totally out there coaching. They are awesome!

And I am supposed to just KNOW this stuff????

So my kids were the only ones with their shin guards on top of their socks. And why is that? Because I have no idea what in the world I am doing when it comes to all this sport stuff. Aunty Dre would be so ashamed!
Also, notice how Owen is wearing his tennis shoes? Well, he grew out of his soccer shoes that fit just fine 4 day before. Tommy bought some while he was up north so at least he had some for the game.
This little lady is in love with the snack aspect of sports. :( At least she looks cute.
I'm not going to lie~ this soccer stuff has been fun for the whole family, who would have thought????

march 2011

We like to PARTY PARTY!

The Kaonohi's (Ola and Hala's families, Toress, Gali's, and the Lopez families come out for some good food and a little catching up. It's so crazy to see how the kids have grow and we are all scattered all over Utah now. It was just like old times.

March 2011

more fun...

March 2011

The Mama's and The Papa's

BFF's Forever and EVER!