Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wild and Crazy Month of July

July has been a wild and crazy month for us. Lots of traveling between SL, WJ, Midvale, Hurricane, St. George, Vegas and Phoenix. We celebrated the 4th of July and 24th of July with friends and family. We had our fair share of visitors come through Hurricane and Tommy and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this month. We also attended The 'Iloa Family Reunion (Tommy grandparent's 9 kids and their kids... and their kids).

This weekend Joey and Tommy got home from Phoenix, AZ. Tommy had been with Joey the last week of his 3 1/2 week stay. Joey was staying with Tommy's awesome cousins the Vaioletti's while he worked with an ADHD specialist. Joey went through a comprehensive evaluation process that includes computerized testing, rating scales, and Quantitative EEG topographic brainmapping. His progress was pretty remarkable and we are so excited and hopeful that he with be able to use what he learned for the rest of his life.

We all woke up late Saturday morning and hung around in our PJs well into the afternoon. It was so nice to all be together again. Everyone was happy to sleep in our own beds and have nothing on the agenda.
We had a celebration dinner for Joey's homecoming and successful work with the specialist. We also got a good chunk of the school cloths shopping out of the way. I love to shop for the boys because they all have their own cute little style. Joey is especially fun to shop for because he will pretty much wear whatever you tell him. I am hoping to move him from the ProTeam Tshirt and bball shorts to a more preppy look. Nifae is not loving the preppy look anymore. He now hates polos and button up shirts and is more into sports wear. Not my fav. Reminds me too much of all my guy friends in High school. Odogg will still let me dress him up but he SUPER DUPER loves a tacky graphic t and character Ts. :( I will take sports wear over this ANYDAY! Lilia did not get A DANG THING. The girl has SOOOOOO many options in the clothing department thanks to her Aunty Tonya and Cousin Gigi. They just dropped off another santa size bag for her so she will continue to have her cute 100% girly girl look well into the next year:)

School clothes shopping got us all excited for school to start. The kids found out their teachers and are so excited for the first day of school. I am so sad thinking that everyone will be going every which way. Lilia in Preschool, Owen in Kindergarten, Nifae in First Grade and Joey in 11th Grade. If you have kids of your own you know that means I have 4 kids starting and ending at 4 different times. This is why I now drive a minivan. Bahahaha! Joey is jumping right into Football conditioning starting Monday AM and 2 a days start next week. Their first game will be in August against West Jordan High School. Booya! My high school will be repp'in and so I will be rooting for both teams. Which side do I sit on???

Tommy was released from the Sunday School Presidency this month and was put into the Elders Quorum Presidency. He is planning their end of summer bash this Saturday at Quail Lake. It should be lots of fun with good food. He is also in charge of the 2012 'Iloa Family Reunion for around 200 people. We can't wait and are looking for cabins/campgrounds for that. Let us know if you know of anywhere great in Utah for that kind of stuff.

As for me I hope to catch up on this blog, catch up on my FB, and catch up on lots of craft and re-purposing projects I have been wanting to do. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, there is a little update of what Team 'Iloa has been up to this month. Wish us luck in the month to come!