Saturday, January 8, 2011

Uncle Inoke

Love you so much!
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My family

Uncle Inoke is my dad's oldest brother and father figure. He is now in his late 80's. The hardest working man on this earth.
Aunty Maile his wife. They let me live with them 10 ish years ago. It was very different moving from Utah to Hawaii. But not just to Hawaii, it was very different living in a full on old school Tongan house hold. I call this house: Little Tonga. I lived up stairs (which I called America). It was so fun to go back. It reminded me of funny time living there, like my uncle scaring away a date that had come to pick me up. From that point on Aunty Maile told me to sneak out that back (which included climbing over a brick wall) and waiting on the neighbors porch for my future dates to come pick me up.

Love you guys so much! I was so happy I got to spend time with them while I was in Hawaii!
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Haha! This was the best part of my whole trip!

My uncle was telling me how much he loves my dad and taught him to work hard . He told me all about how important school was and that he worked very hard to keep my dad in school. Then he told me to wait while he got something.
He came back 10 min. later with this hillarious picture of my dad form the 80's or 90's. He told me he looks at it everyday.
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Maile's projects

My Aunty Maile was working hard on some projects for a funeral that was coming up.

She is so talented.

Her eyesite is getting really bad. I was so happy to help her thred the needle for her. She was such an amazing seamstress and could sew anything and everything. With out patterns. She is amazing!

Love you Aunty Maile for being so kind to me all these years. You will always have a tender spot in my heart forever. Love you!
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Niva and her cute little family.

It was so crazy to see Niva as a mom and wife. She was a tween when I lived in Hawaii before I met Tommy. This is the house I lived it and it was so fun to go back and see everyone!
Her husband was so sweet and her kids are adorable. Iam still dying that she is all grown up!!!! CRAZY!

love you Niva and your mini me!
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Kahuku Superette

Kahuku, HI.

Best Poke and Rice on the island. HANDS DOWN. This is one of my top ten must haves in Hawaii!
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Kahuku, HI
We were trying to make it to the other side of the island but had to make a few stops along the way. Haha, this is why we are fat!

just across from Kahuku High School you can find the BEST home made bread!!!!
Warm bread and cocoa rice.
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Pounders Beach

Laie, Hi. (but people from Hau'ula ,I am sure, would have plenty to say about that!)
I think this is the beach that my parents fell it love at. Am I right mom?

This is also the beach that Tommy saved me from drowning when we were first married. My hero!
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Breakfast @ Papa Ole's

Hau'ula, Hawaii

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Laie Point

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