Saturday, December 18, 2010

Well, I just do!

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Nov. 2010

Water coloring... in the shower

While dad and I were making lunch, the kids were being entertained by my mom... Who was so creative in setting up shop in the shower since the kitchen bar was out of the question.
The kids had so much fun and I am so happy whenever they paint with Grandma!
Nov. 2010
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Panini's with Dad

I got all the fixins and dad did all the Panini makin.

Oh, I wish I had one RIGHT NOW! Mmmmmmm!!!

Baby H and his mommy looking so cute!
Look at that happy face!

Nov 2o10
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Nothing like a Grandma's touch!

My mom kept my kids skin from drying out. They all got their faces washed with a warm washcloth and then a nice lather up of lotion.

Ahhhhhh.... Love that feeling!

Here is Nifae checking out his new skin.
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I got a hair cut

While I was up North my friend Yvonne gave me a hair cut. I chopped a bunch of inches off my hair and added some bangs.
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