Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nothing like getting something special in the mailbox for your bday!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Pasi, Aunrty Carrie and Gma for taking the time to send Nifae these sweet card. He was over the moon!
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My baby turned 6 on August 27th

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Dinner and a Movie

Nifae wanted hotdogs, soda and chips. That was easy enough!

Thanks Missy and Danny for hanging out and helping us manage the masses!
The crazy table!

They watched Leggo StarWars and it turned ot to be a hit... but only for the boys.

The girls wanted to watch something girly so I was happy that Joey was at a sleep over of his own. The girls watched Tooth Fairy.
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Girly girls

These two were best of friends and played house all night long. So cute!

Lills has her party clothes on!
Halia and Gracey

This is what it looks like when 10 kids finally crash

They were all such good kids. Not a single fight or hurt feelings. Most of them stayed up past midnight. When 1/2 of them crashed out I told the others some bedtime stories and when there were still 3 awake~ I told them to think of 10 things they want for Christmas and then tell me in the morning. This works every time with my kids. They a silent and then drift off into dream land with out a peep. They totally forget about it morning time and so I don't have to hear the lists of all the things their heart desires.
ANYWAY~ we had a fun night!
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The aftermath

The clean up was not fun. Guess that's the price you gotta pay after a fun party!
This pic was taken at like 2pm or sometime around then. They totally KOed. It's rough staying up till nearly 1am!
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All I'm gonna say is... It wasn't me!

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