Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is how you learn to work:

Taught by a professional.
They worked and worked until every piece of mulch was in a flower bed.
Thank you dad and mom for showing my boys how to put some elbow grease into it!
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Belly up to the bar....

(yes, that's a quote from Unsinkable Molly Brown. love that show!)
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Owen tried to get a pic of William on his baptism day.

who's kids is this anyway?? hello~ keep an eye on your kid... and your camera!
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Somebody loves their Grandpa!

What's not to love?
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Sunday Tacos...

Brought to you by Thomas 'Iloa

~ Dad, you can take the day off!
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My moms flowers were all in bloom.

So pretty!

Drive-In Movies~

The set up...
The happy campers....

Glow sticks are a must!
Shrek doing his thing.
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Dad plays us a tune

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Dre gets a Ukalele lesson

From Joey....

And Tommy. Thanks to Carrie for having a tuning Ap on her phone.
All this infront of a live audience. :)
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Reading with Grandma...

is there anything better?
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My dad's Tongan Princess...

My dad got out his Tongan mat to show me and we sat this little thing on it. She looks right at home!
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