Thursday, November 18, 2010


We headed to Vegas last week to see our friend Lavale Sape play football for the UFL.

But first we hit the hotel pool!

Everyone was having so much fun but Lilia just had this super perma grin on the whole time. She had the time of her life.

It was fun to spend some good quality time together as a family.
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Oh yeah, It's November... i forgot!

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Boys and the stuff they like....

We took Shaun ("the new Shaung" is what the kids call him) with us so that Joey would have someone to hang with besides his old fuddyduddy aunty and uncle.

When I uploaded my camera I found about 50 versions of the pics above. Hahaha~ I love these boys!
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I really really do! It doesn't matter what time of day it just totally sucks!

It took us 45min to get thought this crap and ended up late to the game. Grrrr!

Las Vegas Locomotives

We finally made it to the game and got settled in.

The game was so fun!

The kids LOVED IT!

At one point it started to pour rain. We ran in to take cover but headed back out after it stopped. The game was so close and the fans are diehard so that made it all the more fun!
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Thank you Sara and Sape!

We had so much fun at the game.

Thanks for the tickets and all the special treatment! Hope we can come down again for another game!
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"Get my nephews on the field!!!!"

It was a long story but we made it on the field after the game but they didn't let the boys through. Sape became aware of this and told the usher to let the boys down on the field. The usher refused. Anyway, Sape was yelling to "Get my nephews on the field!". All of the sudden people were scrambling to make this happen. The boys felt like VIP and I felt very bad for the poor worker.
Thanks Sape for showing these boys some love! They really look up to you!

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Crusing around

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Here Sharky Sharky

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The 4 Seasons

While walking through the 4 Seasons hotel I saw a lady eating a banana with a spoon. It was one of the oddest things that I have ever seen in my life!
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Hemaile and Roxy

They happened to be in Vegas at the same time we were and the kids were REALLY happy to see them.

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The Enos kids

My kids really enjoy being around these little warriors.
and trying to wrestle with them.
Luckily the Enos kids are nice to them and don't totally kill them... cause they could!
Their house is full of metals and belts for Nogi and grappling....I think that is what it's called.
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