Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chocolate Kiss

Ooooo, I just want to eat her up!

You gotta a little something on your face

Hey Brad... I like that messy look your rock'en!

King of His Castle

Well, maybe not King but he and Owen could be called the Princes of Shiloh.

Pretty Little Thing

One Year Ago Today.

Look at my little doll face. She was the best baby EVER! So happy. This actually feels like yesterday.

I can't believe she was working so hard to hold her head up in this video. Now she walks all around this place and can climb up onto this couch by herself. Time Flies when your having fun!

experiencing wind

The other day it was "winding", as Owen likes to say. As I walked the kids to the car Lills had this silly squinty thing going on.
The boys were like , "CLOSE THE DOOR.... IT"S COLD!!!!!!" But Lills seemed to love it.She made this funny face as the wind whipped around.
It's so cool to see the world thought their eyes!