Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday Josiah!

We took him a plate from Honolulu Grill and balloons.
What 15 year old boy doesn't love to walk around with a bunch of balloons and then get picked up in a car that has his name all over it. Teehee~ love you Joey!!!!
This little fatty girl stole one of his Musubis. I'm sure he will forgive her.


She loves to deconstruct my craft space, item by item. I get so mad then she shoots me this smile and I can't help but love her to peices!!!
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We heart this boy!

There is a new resident here at Shiloh Dorms.
This is Tommy's nephew, Joey. He joined our crew a few weeks ago. I am sure he will be popping up in this little blog quite a bit so I thought I would introduce you. If you don't already know and love him.... you will!

PS~ today happens to be his 15th Birthday!

Just can't help but love her!

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The Big Girl in her Big Girl bed.
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