Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Qwack not Quack

Owen, "I don't know how tall Jesus is."

Me, "How are you gonna find out?"

Nifae, "You should call Grandma."

.....They are on the phone with my mom right now. heehee..

Here is Owen's end of the convo~~~~~~~

"I don't know how tall Jesus is, her you know?

"I think he is bigger....

I like him to be bamungus, like a giant....

him is not bigger than Jesus!

Where is grandpa, now?



Hi grandpa, you a little girl.

you talk like a little girl!

ah-uh... I don't know where are her.

I remember you be-ed here.

I like your guys house.

I like your house better.


I know her a boy.

What her you guys doing?


We're um, ...my mom's on the computer, my dad's on the computer.
Nifae is playing and ' Ikawai is standing up on the chair and i am talking for you guys!

Grandpa you have a little baby shoe... your beautiful.

Grandpa your pretty cause you have a dress on. ..."

Nifae jumps in, "Your zero and your a little girl."

The boys both bust up laughing.

Then they walk into the other room with the phone.

hurricane vs moapa

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