Sunday, March 28, 2010

Before and After......and Before..... and After.....and Before....and After.....

This is a picture of the REALITY of 2 young boys and a little little girl :

This room can be cleaned up in 10 minutes (by me or 35 minutes by them.)

These pictures are interchangable because either one could be the before... or the after.

Any other moms know what the heck I am talking about?

My Staff:

Here are my five 2009/2010 Resident Assistants:Christina, Dany, Robert, Shaun and Brittany.
Technically Owen, Nifae and Lilia are on my staff, too!!!!
I love these guys. It's been a rough year but they have helped me all along the way. Love you guys! Team 'Iloa ROCKS!


That is how Lilia says, "Joey, Book?"
One of the things that I love about Joey is that he will always read the kids books. Lilia is at the age where she like to read her books over and over and over. THANK YOU JOEY for being so patient and sweet. We love having you here!
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So "BEARY" thankful.

I made this for a speaker that spoke to our wards youth about missionary work. Hope they like cinnimon bears!
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Plant one on me, Lills!
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Lilia does do!
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Introducing Bayley Brooks

It was so fun to visit Nicki and her cute kids. Bayley was such a doll!!!! So excited that I got tom meet here!
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Helping Grandma decorate for Easter

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What could be better than watching hockey on Grandma's comfy bed?

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Sunday Tacos on Saturday?

These boys love Tacos. My mom and dad make the best and I've actually never met anyone that doesn't love these tacos!
Fry Master! Love you dad!

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