Monday, February 2, 2015

My Monday Agenda

It's been about 10+ years since I've had a day like this planned. 
Best Ground Hogs Day EVER!!! 

Sunday is always a good day

Church always makes me happy. I usually cry through all of sacrament but I promise it's a happy thing for me. 
I'm having this baby in 5 days. I think I'm starting to freak people out with my hugeness. Being a 6'1" lady kinda makes  people uneasy but adding this big old belly and double chin is just a lot for people to take in. 
But anyway... I felt much much better today after a good nights sleep. My hips are still sore but all in all I'm doing good. 

I threw together a last minute Super Bowl party with a few friends. They food was amazing and the game was fun.