Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hurricane WINS 17 to 14 over Skyline.

JV got to dress for the Varsity game. It was a pretty close game.... I guess.. I have no clue about anything sporty.
Anyway, it was fun to go watch Joey and all of his friends Friday night.

Winning game huddle.... errrr, something to the effect.
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Post Game Party

The cook himself~

Fried rice and pork curry. IT WAS GOOD!

The man of the hour.

Aunty Suzie was so much fun! The kids adore Uncle Jim and Aunty Suzie.

It was fun to hang out with this crew. Thanks Tom for supplying the food for this delish meal!!! Love you guys!
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A Friday with Liam

One of my best friends Bobbi had to get shoulder surgery. We got to watch this cute little guy for the day.
I had to take Joey to a few Dr. Appointments in St. George so Tommy took over while I was gone.

Liam is so cute and loves Uncle Tommy to chase him around the house. He musta been pooped out cause he crashed out hard.
When he woke up we hit the local McD's for some grubbing before he had to go.
Love ya Lili
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Nifae getting ready for his second day of school.

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Odogg: Undercover

He just had the most fantastic afternoon after he realized he could sleep/relax/hide/watch tv/eat (really the possibilities are endless) under our new table.
Thanks Aunty Tonya and Uncle Jamie! We love you guys!
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