Tuesday, July 20, 2010

While trying to update this dang thing....

...I made a decision to just get some posts done. I am usually a stickler about having this thing in chronological order but I am just gonna roll with it.
Most of the posts are pretty recent. I will try to update a little more tomorrow and the next day and see where that puts us.
Wish me luck.

First Garbage Day

It was a pretty big deal here at our house!
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Wok it out....

Been waiting for about 9 years to Wok it up inour own home. LOVE IT!
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Kicken back soaking up some sun...

These kids make me happy!
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playing sardines

This game is the opposite of Hide And Go Seek. One person hides and then everyone tries to find them. When you find them you hide with them. The last person to find you is it. Then you all count in that same spot and the one person who is it runs off and hides.

Here are the kids counting while Owen is hiding.
I played with them and had a total blast. I remember playing it in High School at friends house but with all the lights off. SO FUN!
Lilia was the last to find us all in the laundry room. She was actually pretty good. She knows all the secret spots in the house already.
Jah's spot under the boys bed. I could actually fit under there. LOL

What cute kids! I love living by fun neighbors!
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Super Seniors...

...Or at least that's how we feel when we head back to the college to visit.
The kids really miss "Kaffy's Office" and "Kaffy"...and her suckers:)
Lilia was so excited to get a sucker and tell Kathy about our new house.
Nifae on the other hand stayed home and told me "I never want to go to St. George EVER again."
Well then....

It's so fun to go now and get to see Jessie and Ola. It would have been SOOOOOOO FUNNNNNNN to work with them there. DANG! The last 3 years would have mean a blast.

They have such a cute family and will be great for Nisson Towers!

I find myself missing Kathy and the dorms believe it or not. At the same time I am enjoying being off the clock and just enjoying my kids with out interuption. What a blessing it was to work/live there so that we were able to buy this home.
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One of these things is not like the other.

Joey is making so many great friends out here. He is meeting a lot of good boys from the Hurricane football team and they have been busy hitting the city pool, playing video games and raiding each home's pantry.
I had to crack up when I went out on the porch and found their shoes. Can you tell which shoes are Joey's? It made me smile a little more when I realized his slippers are not even the same pair.
I love that local boy!
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A whole lot of Querkel going on.

I am not even sure how to spell this game but Tommy's family is pretty into it right now. These ladies are the all time champs( the box says it is for kids 6 and up LOL).
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4th of July in the new hood.

Our new neighbors are so great. They planned a potluck for everyone in our cirlce. It was so nice to walk right out our door and join the party.
The kids had so much fun riding bikes and running through the sprinklers.
Everyone is so nice and I love it here already.
It was pretty much like the movie The Sand Lot. When it got dark we moved to our driveway and had the best veiw of Hurricane City fireworks.
We were crazy tired and still in the middle of moving but I can tell we are goning to have so many fun cirle parties!!! WE LOVE IT HERE!
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Welcome to Hurricane Walmart!

So a few weeks ago we pulled into the parking lot and found this crazy mess of tumble weeds. Usually the 20 mile parking lot is so nice and clean but today it was covered in with this mess.

I had to snap a shot cause it was so wierd. People said it was totally normal when they went in and when they came out is looked like this.

Did I mention that I moved to a really small town and this is big news around these parts.
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