Sunday, April 3, 2011

To Do's and Must Do's

I have a lot on my to do list. I'm not going to sit and name them all but one is to fix my blog pictures. Oh and the music... just press pause. But the most important thing on my to do list is to GO TO BED. It is far too late and my list will just keep getting longer. So i will move on to the Must Do's:

Top item on that list is to bare my testimony. I have one, ya know. A testimony that I have a Father in Heaven who knows who I am and loves me so much. I don't think things just happen randomly or coincidental but rather that our Father knows us. He knows wither we are in need of help, or love, or a lesson. I personally love when I get help and love( and I have received plenty of both over my 31 years here) but not so excited about the times I am to learn a lesson. Looking back I am grateful now to have learned many lessons. I hope I can learn other lessons sooner rather than later because I do not enjoy getting the same lesson over and over (hard head!)
I know that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. I am grateful for his sacrifice so that I can be forgiven for my missteps and weaknesses and given a chance to learn and grow. I am so grateful for the words of the Prophet and Apostles. I know that they want us to live the most beautiful life possible here on earth. I am so happy that they talk to us through General Conf. broadcasts. I know the things they say are true. They inspire me to be better than I am today or who I was yesterday. They give me hope that I can achieve eternal happiness. They also give me hope that I can influence my kids in a way that they can achieve eternal happiness. I am not sure if achieve is the right word but I really want my kids to be happy and successful and peaceful and kind and full of love and virtuous and faithful and to seek after anything lovely of good report. I am sure my parents want that for me and I am sure my Father in Heaven wants that for me as well.
I have recently found a love of the scriptures. I love the words and hope one day I can fully understand them in the way that I should but for now I find a lot of peace in them. I can testify that if you read your scripture daily with your family or by yourself that you will find fullness in your life that wasn't there before. I want to THANK my Father in Heaven and my brother Jesus Christ for letting me know what I should do when I don't know. I don't ever want to be without that help. Never ever!
This is only part of my testimony but it is the past that was a Must Do so I say it in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

maybe now that I wrote it down I can go to sleep.

Before I go I will share a link to the LDS General Conf that I have been enjoying so you can enjoy it, too.
Click Here!

This year I actually got to enjoy more of it than I have in the past 6 years. I am thankful for that.
So many talks I liked but enjoyed Elder Packers talk and hope I can "leave it alone". That is just some good advice for me on a lot of counts.
I like that scripture he shared about teaching our children in which way they will know where to turn. Wow, I really should get the reference and I know I really did not do that scripture justice. But I really like it. Listen to his talk so you know what I am TRYING to say.
I really liked Richard J Maynes talk. I have never heard of him but I am so happy I have gotten to know him a little bit this Conference.
I really like what he said about creating a culture where the Spirit can live in our homes. I like that a lot. I was given that by my parents and I want to give that to my kids. I love everything he said about families. It made me feel really good about some of the things that we are doing and gave me a few things to work on.
I need to listen to Saturday Morning session again because I can't remember much but I liked that talk about the Tongan men becoming Elders. I can think of many men and women that are like those men and I hope they come back to the church and find peace and happiness in it again. I hope that if I am the one that is the person that can help~ that I actually help and not be a big Lame-o like I have done before.

Ok, now that I got that out there maybe I can get back to my To Do list.