Friday, November 6, 2009

What is going on in here?

Well, listen up and I'll fill you in.

Last week I was looking at all the pictures on my phone and found that there was 140+ pics piled up on there.

These are all pictures that I have snapped cause I wanted to remember that very moment. I was sitting there reminiscing and showing Tommy all the pics and he started to get bored after about picture 6. I had over 100 more I wanted to share and tell him about but I could tell that was not going to happen.

This is when I started to miss my blog. I could post a picture... or 80 pictures and go on and on about it to my hearts desire. No one was there to shush me or glaze over. If they did, I never knew it cause the internet is so sneaky that way.

Anyway, I miss documenting my life. It's a pretty standard Mommy blog. Lots of post about how my kids are the greatest and how lucky I am to have them. And how they drive me bonkers. I may get a little gripey cause I am kinda a crab sometimes. I am sure I will get in to craft fit and post up current projects that consume my every thought.

My old blog was pretty accurate when it came to being in chronological order. For now, I am going to not worry about chronological order but just put up a few post about the pics I found on my phone. Then a few more after that... then see where I go from there.

O.N. with the O.G. & O.

Owen and Grandpa check out the shades at Old Navy.
Oct. 31, 2009

Cup O' Cousins.

Mugs, Nifae, Ashley, O, Ma'a

DSC's "Slacker" Club's Youngest Member:

Yes, there is a Slack Line Club at DSC and yes, Nifae is an honorary member. He's pretty good.

My girl

Oh, I love my girl!

Finally starting to walk

This little lazy girl has finally decided that at 13 month... she is gonna take up walking. We called her little bike her walker. LOL.
This picture was snapped in September 2009

O turns 3.

June 21, 2009
I love this little boy. He has so many sides to him. It's often easy to discribe him as ~ Random. He does and says the most random things. He may seem like a rough and tubble sorta dude but really he is a tender hearted little boy. Sweet and kind. Always pops an "I love you ______(fill in with your name) at the most unexpected times.
He is gorgeous and has many admirers. He likes to look "sharp" and will ask his brother how he looks. He looks up to his big brother but can make his own decisions. He is much like his daddy when it comes to eating and cooking. He LOVES IT! He likes to make himself sandwiches . He let me know yesterday that it was time to buy some more "this stuff" (Mayo).
Owen needs two things in the morning. If he wakes before 9:30 am he needs to lay with me on my bed and MUST have a pillow to himself. If after 9:30 he would like "a show" in the "Frah rooms". He likes "Ser-alls" (Cereal) "wiff out da milks". Which is odd because he is a very thirsty boy~ all the time. He drinks everything but loves him some Crystal Light.
If you take O shopping with you he will at one point need to go to the bathroom. Not just for #1 but also #2. I say he is a nervous shopper. Either that or he likes to see the inside of EVERY bathroom.... EVERYWHERE! I have accepted this and am used to jogging through a store to make sure he makes it. I can also wipe his bum while holding Lilia and making sure she doesn't touch a single thing in the public bathroom. Owen tells me everyday, "Doodoo is mean, Shishi is nice."
O is a very manly little boy. He will pop up with a new bruise or cut and will have no idea where it came from and always says it doesn't hurt.

Owen reminds me so much of my dad in the way that he loves. Very tender and thoughtful. He also has my dads temper. If he sees things his way there is no showing him different till he simmers down. After being very upset about something he can instantly switch that off and become sweet and funny.

He loves a good laugh. He finds the word Coconut to be absolutely hilarious. He has a great laugh that makes you want to crack up when you hear it. His voice is low and scratchy. People always comment about his voice and his coloring.
He is called Brad Pitt by many. And has answered to the name Bradley many times (thanks Tara!).

O does not enjoy cleaning and at times flat out will NOT clean. He will say he is "suppa tired". He has laughed many times while getting a sasa from me. Very frustrating. He enjoys a good time-out. Yes, I said ENJOYS".

He know how to push my button. We have a battle of the wills weekly.
Like all of my kids I want for him to be a hard worker. A respectful and respected member of society. I want him to ALWAYS keep that funny sense of humor. I want him to know that the sky is the limit when it comes to his dreams and what he can accomplish. I want him to gain his own individual testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want him to always be close to him family specifically his brother and his sister.
I see a tight bond there and I pray that is will get even stronger with time.

I love this little boy. His face is perfection and I love when he looks at me. I love that he calls me "my mama" and I love that he is in my life.
I love you my OC Bear.

Captain Underpants

What are you gonna do with a crazy bunch of boys like this????

Wags in town

The Wagners stopped by after picking Katie up from CAli (She had just gotten back from TONGA).
I had to snap a shot of O in his winter coat. It was 110 degrees outside. He is so random!

Here is Craig teaching Lilia where her nose is. So cute! These guys are baby lovers and it shows!

This picture breaks my heart.

It's a 4th of July tradition in Richfield for the kids to try their hand at catching a fish... with their bare hands.
Nifae was very excited for this and so was I, since I have seen this fishy thing since I was little.

When it came close to the time for the "fishing" to begin. I could not find Nifae. My dad had taken the boys to get a snow cone and they had been gone FOREVER. I walk the whole length of the park many times over. I could not find them anywhere.
Finally on my um-teenth lap I spotted Tommy, my dad, Owen and Nifae walking. Tommy and dad were holding Taco Time cups.
They had gone across the street to Taco Time to get out of the heat and and get some grub. I was trying to explain that I was looking for them and that, sadly, the Fish thingie had already begun.
I ran Nifae over to the water even though I knew all the fish had been caught. I wanted him to at least think he had been apart of it.

There were people everywhere, I mean.... EVERYWHERE!!!! Parents and grandparents lined the water watching their kids.
As soon as I snapped the picture above, I put my phone in my pocket and looked up and Nifae was gone.






like gone gone.
Like , I could not spot him ANYWHERE.

I pushed my way thought the crowd and could not spot my son ANYWHERE. I started to panic. I told Tommy and we split up so we could cover more ground.
it was like a bad movie and we were living it. People everywhere and a child missing in the crown. WHERE DID HE GO... he was just here.

The kids were getting out of the water and the crowds started to thin. He was GONE!

I panicked when I circled the pond and met back up with Tommy, who didn't find him anywhere.

We had no choice but to go up to the announcer and see if he could send out that super lame-parent message: "There is a lost boy. His name is Nephi and he is wearing a white shirt and has brown hair and olive skin. Nifae, if you can hear this~ please come to the front where your mom and dad are waiting. "

we waited... and waited.... nothing.

This park is a full city block and the fish thing was in the opposite corner (diagonal) from were our family was set up.
I decided to call my brother who was over there to see if he had seen Nifae.

Sure enough.... He was there.

He walked across the park by himself with 50 million people all around~ in a park he has never been to.

Tommy and I ran over there and when I got there I just hugged and hugged and hugged him. I really thought I may never see him again. I know it sounds dramatic but so much time had passed I was SOOOOOOOo freaked.

Nifae said that he was upset with himself that he didn't catch a fish and that he was mad and sad, so he walked back to where his grandma was so he could cuddle with her.

OH MY! This little 4 year old will never ever ever ever know how much I love him and how scary that was for me and his dad. He will never know!

4th of July in Richfield 2009

Lila in her tutu.
O wondering why we are up so early.
William, Kennedy, O, Nifae and part of Kesaiah
Lexi holding Lills and Tommy
Kennedy, Nifae and Kesaiah
Meeting up with Grandma

Kennedy and Lills totally KOed.

He took a steak knife to the finger.

I know I had a detailed post about this on my other blog but since the pic was still on my phone, I thought I would throw it up on this blog.
My tough little man!

Breakfast at the Dorms

My kids were not please to be up so early but they really enjoyed it and thought it was pretty cool. Ah, the interesting things we get roped into while living on a college campus.
Oct. 2009

The Dixie Roundup Rodeo 2009

Hitchen a ride with her popps.
Totally captivated.

Yeehaw Joey~!

Cowgirls, Lillia and Ashley.

I love bathroom sink pictures.

I don't know why but all my kids have pics like these when they are babies.
I love them (pictures like these) and I don't know why. Maybe it is cause they are just mini little people and can hang out in a sink if they so choose.